The First and Still the Best

Introduced in 2004, The Original Endless Summer® revolutionized the hydrangea world. It had the game-changing capacity to produce flowers on new growth as well as old wood. Over the years this genetic trait, known as remontancy, has become the holy grail for hydrangea breeders because it results in more blooms. Endless Summer® continues to lead the industry with ever-better genetics and exciting new introductions.

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Five Varieties, Endless Possibilities

Whether it’s big, beautiful mophead blooms or silky lacecaps, the Endless Summer® collection offers five unique varieties that continue to raise the bar for reblooming hydrangeas.


Summer Crush®

Best Seller


Best Seller

The Original
Blushing Bride

A History of Innovation

As expert hybridizer Dr. Michael Dirr explains, the Endless Summer® story is like a fairytale. We concur.

Dr. Dirr Hybridizer of Endless Summer Collection
Endless Improvement

Using proprietary research and market intelligence from the global marketplace, Endless Summer® has a commitment to delivering reliable, marketable new varieties. Ongoing breeding work continues at Bailey Innovations so that Endless Summer® can lead the way for long-lasting retail, grower and landscaper success. The explosive launch of Summer Crush® in 2019 proved the excitement for new breeding work in the H. macrophylla category, and the increase in production and sales numbers show that the trend will continue.

Nationwide Distribution

With an expansive network of trusted licensed growers, Endless Summer® hydrangeas are readily available across North America.

Cultivate New Customers

Endless Summer® offers retailer marketing resources to help you promote your business, and engage new and existing customers across a variety of platforms.

field of Endless Summer hydrangeas

How Bailey Can Help You Grow

We know production success begins with the proper liner. So no matter how you grow or what your schedule is, our Bareroot, JumpStarts® and Finished Plant offerings will ensure Endless Summer® lives up to its name for our growers.

Partnership that’s always in season.

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