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Bareroot Tree Speed to Market:
Picking the Right Liner for the Right Situation
Wednesday, September 30th, 2020 | 10:00 – 11:30 AM CST


Maximizing crop turns is essential to your business’ bottom line but can be a challenge with long-term crops such as trees. Understanding available liner options and how to efficiently utilize them in your production setting can have a dramatic impact. This session is led by Bailey’s Production General Managers to offer insight into our learnings so that you can balance speed to market with high-quality outputs.

Shane Brockshus: West Coast General Manager
Kevin Johnston: General Manager – Midwest Production

2020 Tradeshow and Event Schedule

Due to COVID-19 our summer event schedule is fluid. Please check back for updates.


NNBA Fall Trade Show and Meeting
Virtual Trade Show
September 21-25, 2020

Southern IPPS
Virtual Meeting
October 28, 2020

Western IPPS
Virtual Meeting
October 29, 2020

GIE  + Expo
Postponed until October 2021